Advances on FAIR Geospatial Information Resources

We are currently organizing a special issue on “Advances on FAIR Geospatial Information Resources” in the International Journal of Digital Earth (deadline: 30 November 2023). We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics listed below. The full Call for Papers is available at Please forward to your colleagues who may be interested.


  • Techniques for geospatial metadata creation and curation (manual, automatic, semi-automatic, crowdsourcing)
  • Semantic search and question answering over geospatial resources
  • Discovery of distributed, linked geospatial information resources
  • Innovative search user interfaces for geospatial information resources


  • Persistence strategies for geospatial resources
  • Maintenance strategies for geospatial information infrastructures
  • Immersive environments for (data) exploration and analysis
  • Accessible design of tools for (data) exploration and analysis


  • Modelling approaches for geographic concepts
  • (Neuro-symbolic) approaches for formal geographic knowledge representation
  • Integration of geospatial information resources across communities
  • Standards for data/models/software descriptions and their impacts


  • Approaches fostering the reuse of (digital) research results across communities
  • Reuse metrics and models in the context of geospatial information resources
  • Digital rights management and smart contracting for geospatial resources
  • Users' and communities' needs for geographic knowledge reuse

Cross-cutting themes

  • Ethics of FAIR geospatial resources
  • Education and capacity building towards FAIRness (e.g., gamification approaches, ...)
  • Techniques for (automated) assessment of FAIRness
  • Participation, engagement and FAIRness (e.g., citizen science approaches, ...)
  • Reward mechanisms to promote FAIRness in the Earth System Sciences

Please contact Auriol Degbelo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for specific questions.

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