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Urgent global challenges (e.g. climate change, water scarcity, land-use change, pollution, natural hazards) require intensified national and international interdisciplinary efforts. Connections between different sub-disciplines and scientific approaches can be strengthened through collaborative management of research data and knowledge extraction, ultimately leading to a new quality of science. ​Our mission is to interlink to international activities and networks to capitalize from data centered innovations and findings across research  infrastructures and disciplines. Subsequently, we are aiming at increasing the international visibility and awareness of NFDI4Earth.

We would like to support and promote efforts in order to standardize and harmonize Earth System Science (ESS)-related Research Data Management (RDM) standards across Europe and the world. The implementation of a community data and metadata standards and regulations cannot be achieved on a national level, it requires a coordinated international effort in cooperation with international societies, standardization bodies, networks and agencies. Therefore, NFDI4Earth will support international community discussions to establish FAIR standards for data and machine-readable metadata as well as Open Science standards, establishing Open Science as the "new normal". This will lead to an improved level of information for users and providers of ESS services in Germany. Providers of scientific data management and data analysis services will be enabled to provide sustainable and seamless access to digital research infrastructures. Participation in international standardization bodies will enable capitalization from international development and safeguard the overall NFDI needs in terms of RDM development. Here, we closely work together with the Coordination Office - Towards s Cultural Change in ESS Research Data (M 4.2).

FAIR principals and Open Science

The LHB (M3.3) aims to compile a comprehensive, easy to understand, accessible and transparent documentation of the NFDI4Earth products, architecture, structure, services and innovations. Chapters of this LHB will be internationally recognized ‘FAIR standards and regulations for data and machine-readable metadata’, ‘Open Science standards’, ‘Research Data Commons’, ‘Best (and failed) practices information’, etc. Here, we closely work together with the NFDI Commons (M 3.3).

We aim to ensure and promote international visibility and awareness of NFDI4Earth and support the development of novel avenues of RDM by connecting and actively participating in international initiatives. This includes positioning NFDI4Earth's activities in international Open Science efforts.

In case you are sharing our overall goals and visions, we will be happy to contact us!

Living Handbook (LHB)

Our team at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

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