IG FAIRESST - FAIR ESS Terminologies

Short description
The key objective of the IG FAIR ESS Terminologies is to provide both situation analysis and inventory of the application of semantic artefacts - including controlled vocabularies, thesauri, and ontologies as well as mappings between such artefacts - for knowledge representation in the Earth System Sciences (ESS).   The IG FAIRESST will compile and examine the level of usage of semantic artefacts in the NFDI4Earth network. In this way, the IG will provide fundamental input for the (iterative) refinement of the NFDI4Earth Label. One focus will be the use of tools such as those developed and used at national or international level. Examples include developments within the EOSC, specifically in the FAIRCORE4EOSC project or within the framework of the DFG-funded BITS (BluePrints for the Integration of Terminology Services in Earth System Sciences, Stocker 2023) project, which is preparing an inventory as part of a Terminology Service.  

To summarise, IG FAIRESST has a more narrow focus than the preceding IG FAIR Data, which  discussed furthermore the policies, rules and procedures which must be implemented by infrastructures to achieve FAIRness of data. We expect this policy framework to be addressed  primarily in the context of the NFDI4Earth Label.

Current agenda and next meetings resp.

Phase Period (months) Task (visible) Output
Setup 0-8 Summarise state of tools (PID graph, TS in NFDI/EOSC)
Inventory 9-16 Inventory based on participant contributions (talks & discussion)
Assessment 17-24 Gap analysis and joint drafting of dissemination strategy  Short paper e.g.   FAIRConnect   (https://fairconnect.pro
Iteration 25+ Refinement of label based on continuous onboarding of participants Adjustment of software stack for label (devs: AWI/TIB/SGN), publication of dataset/code (e.g. Data Science Journal https://datascience.codata.org/), provision of ESS Terminology Service 

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Alexander Wolodkin - Senckenberg, Frankfurt/M.

Claus Weiland - Senckenberg, Frankfurt/M.

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