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Research data and especially ESS data is often highly relevant long after its creation. Securing the long-term availability, interpretability and reusability of ESS data in the long-term perspective is therefore of utmost importance for the NFDI4Earth and NFDI as a whole. Long-term archiving of digital data can only be successfully realized, if its being considered throughout the stages of the data life cycle, beginning at the point where data is created and/or collected. Thus, our IG aims to address long-term storage and long-term archiving in a comprehensive way, covering different aspects.

In particular, we plan to cover the distinction between long-term storage and long-term archiving and the respective challanges, FAIRness of data throughout its data life cycle in the long-term perspective, guidelines for the preparation of data for archiving, archiving formats in ESS as well as preserving large or complex data cubes, good practices for automated archiving interfaces, guidelines for repository providers, and LTA requirements in RDM education.

The IG is open for interested people from within and outside of the NFDI4Earth. The IG is a forum for exchange and discussion on all aspects of long-term preservation of ESS data and inclusion of different stakeholders for a successful long-term preservation, ideally reaching a common understanding of challenges and strategies for long-term preservation of ESS data. 

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