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15 Jul 2024 - 17 Jul 2024

10th International Conference on Time Series and Forecasting (ITISE-2024)

Location: Gran Canaria, Spain

The 10th International Conference on Time Series and Forecasting 2024 (ITISE 2024) seeks to provide a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, educators and students about the latest ideas and realizations in the foundations, theory, models and applications for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research encompassing disciplines of computer science, mathematics, statistics, forecaster, econometric, etc, in the area of time series analysis and forecasting.

Submission of Submission of Abstract by authors : June 5th, 2024.

More information: Here

25 Jul 2024 - 27 Jul 2024


Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The 4th International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET) provides a forum for the exchange of latest technical information, the dissemination of the high-quality research results, the presentation of the new developments in the area, and the debate and shaping of future directions and priorities. ICECET aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies. 

The paper submission deadline has been extended to 7 April 2024.

More information: Here

25 Jul 2024 - 26 Jul 2024

Workshop "How to create CF (Climate and Forecast) compliant netCDF data"

Location: Hamburg, Germany

The Integrated Climate Data Center at the Universität Hamburg will provide an in-person workshop on July 25+26th.

Data Centers have certain demands regarding the content and format of ESS data - we will focus in this workshop on creating CF (Climate and Forecast) compliant netCDF files. We encourage the target group - ESS doctoral candidates, master students and scientists - to bring their own data, but we will also provide data sets that can be used during the workshop. Prerequisites are programming skills in Python.

More information: Here

18 Aug 2024 - 24 Aug 2024

EMC 2024 - 4th European Mineralogical Conference

Location: Dublin, Ireland

The 4th European Mineralogical Conference is focused to foster exchange of new research results between the European countries. This is a joint conference of several mineralogical societies in Europe, at the same time annual conference of the German Mineralogical Society.

Abstract submission deadline: 22 March 2024

More information: Here

06 Sep 2024 - 07 Sep 2024

FBAS 2024 - The 4th International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals

Location: Beijing, China

The 4th International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (FBAS 2024) is scheduled to take place in Beijing from September 6th to 8th, 2024. Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and organized by the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS), in collaboration with the Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, this forum promises to be a pivotal event in the realm of sustainable development.

Abstract submission deadline: June 10, 2024.

More information: Here

18 Sep 2024 - 18 Sep 2024

Spatial Data Science across Languages (SDSL) 2024

Location: Prague, Czechia

The second installment of the SDSL Workshop will take place on 18th-19th September 2024 at the Geographical Institute of Charles University in Prague. The aim of the workshop is to bridge the language barrier existing between R, Python and Julia research software developers in the Spatial Data Science domain, and to bring these communities together to discuss their differences and commonalities, and find ways to cooperate and synchronize their efforts.

More information: Here 

22 Sep 2024 - 27 Sep 2024

The 39th General Assembly of the ESC

Location: Corfu, Greece

In 2024 about 700 early-career and senior researchers from more than 60 countries from Europe and all over the world will meet in Corfu during the 39th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission to discuss different modern fields of seismology and related applications. Expected are about 1000 abstracts covering the broad fields of seismic networks, seismic hazard and risk, physics of earthquakes, study of the Earth’s interior, array seismology, engineering seismology, and many more.

Deadline for abstract submission: 22 April 2024 (extendend deadline).

More information: Here

23 Sep 2024 - 26 Sep 2024

GeoSaxonia 2024

Location: Dresden, Germany

The annual meeting of the German Geological Society (DGGV) "GeoSaxonia 2024", themed "Geosciences Without Borders" invites geoscientists from Europe and worldwide to convene for a dynamic exchange of knowledge. 
The event features insightful plenary and keynote lectures, a comprehensive poster and industry exhibition, extensive field trips and thought-provoking discussions, aiming to foster cross-border collaborations and inspire new projects and a lively exchange.

Abstracts submission: 27th of May 2024. Early bird registration by 27th of June.

More information: Here

24 Sep 2024 - 27 Sep 2024

INTERGEO 2024 presents: Unmanned Systems Stage – The Future of Drone Technology

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

The future of geoinformation, geodesy and land management is the focus of the Conference. The future is promising, as the importance of geoinformation has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to grow in the future. Especially in the fields of urban planning, disaster preparedness, environmental protection and energy efficiency, geoinformation is of crucial importance. Global challenges such as the climate crisis, urbanization and securing resources can only be mastered with the help of geospatial data.

More information will be published soon Here

25 Sep 2024 - 26 Sep 2024

Plenary NFDI4Objects

Location: Mainz, Germany

NFDI4Objects, an NFDI closely related to aspects of NFDI4Earth has advertised its yearly plenary. This consortium is dedicated to the material heritage of around three million years of human and environmental history. There is interdisiplinary overlap from research institutions working on common projects, participation in the plenary can be of interest also to NFDI4Earth researchers. A poster session will be organized, where it is possible to speak and discuss about current projects. Abstract submission will be end of June.

More information can be found: Here.

30 Sep 2024 - 04 Oct 2024


Location: Lecce, Italy

At the annual EGI conference, international scientific communities, computing and service providers, European projects, security experts, community managers, and policy makers gather to take research and innovation in data-intensive processing and analytics forward.

Call for Abstracts: end of 6th of May 2024

More information: Here

09 Oct 2024 - 12 Oct 2024

50th Annual Meeting of German Society for Geomorphology - DGGM 2024

Location: Leipzig, Germany

The 50th annual meeting of the German Society for Geomorphology is dedicated to the entire research spectrum on geomorphological archives, forms and processes at all possible spatial and temporal scales. Highly welcome are conceptual and methodological contributions to legacies and emerging fields in gravitational, aeolian, fluvial, periglacial, glacial, karst and coastal geomorphology.

Registration deadline: 24th June 2024

More information: Here

20 Oct 2024 - 24 Oct 2024

The Geothermal Congress 2024

Location: Potsdam, Germany

The Geothermal Congress 2024 is focused on knowledge exchange and networking for the German and international geothermal sector. It is the most important industry meeting and will take place for the first time this year from 22-24 October at the Kongresshotel in Potsdam. The call for papers has now started. This year, France is the official partner country of the DGK.

Abstract submission deadline is 1st of July, 2024.

More information can be found Here.

21 Oct 2024 - 23 Oct 2024

EOSC | European Open Science Cloud Symposium 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany

The EOSC Symposium 2024 will be a critical event on the path to EOSC post-2027. It is a key event to network and exchange ideas with policy makers, funders, and representatives of research institutions, research communities, and data- and e-Infrastructures active in the EOSC ecosystem.450 experts from research and research infrastructures as well as representatives of European science policy are expected.

Sign up by 30th of September 2024, 17 pm CEST.

More information can be found: Here.

22 Oct 2024 - 24 Oct 2024

DAMDID/RCDL - Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains

Location: Moscow, Russia

“Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains” conference (DAMDID) is planned as a multidisciplinary forum of researchers and practitioners from various domains of science and research promoting cooperation and exchange of ideas in the area of data analysis and management in data intensive domains. Approaches to data analysis and management being developed in specific data intensive domains of X-informatics (such as X = astro, bio, chemo, geo, medicine, neuro, physics, etc.), social sciences, as well as in various branches of informatics, industry, new technologies, finance and business are expected to contribute to the conference content. The conference will be held at HSE University, Moscow.

Submission deadline for abstracts is 31st of May

More Information can be found Here


13 Nov 2024 - 15 Nov 2024

CouFrac2024 - The 4th International Conference on Coupled Processes in Fractured Geological Media

Location: Kyoto, Japan

The 4th International Conference on Coupled Processes in Fractured Geological Media: Observation, Modeling, and Application (CouFrac2024) will focus on new and exciting advances in all areas of coupled processes associated with fractured geological media, including numerical methods, in-situ tests, lab experiments, machine learning, and applications to different activities in the near-surface, subsurface, and critical zone. 

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2024

More information can be found: Here

25 Nov 2024 - 27 Nov 2024

MedGU - 4th annual meeting of Mediterranean Geosciences Union

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Mediterranean Geosciences Union (MedGU) aims to create a unique federation that brings together and represents the Mediterranean Geoscience community specializing in the areas of Earth, planetary and space sciences. MedGU will be structured along the lines of AGU (American Geophysical Union) and EGU (European Geosciences Union). This fourth MedGU Annual Meeting 2024 will have a "hybrid" format, with both in-person and virtual participation.

Deadline for abstract submission is 30th of June.

More information can be found Here

25 Nov 2024 - 28 Nov 2024

Clay Conference 2024

Location: Hannover, Germany

International Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement

The focus of the Clay Conference is clay as host rock for geological disposal of radioactive waste and the use of compacted swelling clays as an engineered barrier component. Considering design, construction, operation and post-closure, the Clay Conference provides a unique networking platform for sharing scientific and technological knowledge. 

More information: Here

23 Jun 2025 - 27 Jun 2025

Interdisiplinary eLTER Science Conference

Location: Tampere, Finland

The eLTER Science Conference will be a great opportunity for the different communities and disciplines that study the linkages between the different "spheres" (geo-, hydro-, bio-, atmosphere- and sociosphere) of the habitable skin of the Earth. The high-level scientific and social programme will encourage diversity of approaches, exchange between generations of scientists and inclusivity in the spirit of promoting inter- and transdisciplinary.

The call for abstracts and registration will open in October 2024. 

More information: Here

13 Oct 2025 - 16 Oct 2025

International Data Week 2025

Location: Brisbane, Australia

International Data Week 2025 (IDW 2025) is a global event bringing together researchers, data professionals, policymakers and more to celebrate and advance the role of data in science and society. It brings together data scientists, researchers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and data stewards from disciplines across the globe to explore how best to exploit the data revolution to improve science and society through data-driven discovery and innovation. Learn about previous International Data Weeks.

More information: Here

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