Architecture Synthesis

Our mission
Our mission is to define an architecture for the further development of a sustainable and FAIR NFDI4Earth infrastructure. In order to achieve this, we are collecting and analyzing information on NFDI4Earth services and scientific Earth System Sciences (ESS) workflows together with International Networking & Embedding (M3.4). We will deliver three key products and services: 

The NFDI4Earth architecture

We will define the architecture as a set of infrastructures and services, as well as their interactions. This will cover all aspects of NFDI4Earth, such as applications, storage, data integration and access. We will base its design on input from multiple stakeholder groups, both the internal (e.g. pilots, participants, NFDI4Earth community) and external (e.g. NFDI Research Data Commons, international ESS) community. This incorporates compatibility with initiatives such as EOSC.

Our team at the Alfred-Wegener Institute - Helmholtz Center for Polar- and Marine Research

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