Architecture Synthesis

The major objective of synthesis activities is the collection and analysis of information on NFDI4Earth services and scientific ESS workflows to define an architecture for the further development of a sustainable and FAIR NFDI4Earth infrastructure.
The NFDI4Earth architecture will be defined as a set of components / services and their interactions. The architecture will cover all aspects of NFDI4Earth such as applications, storage, data integration and access. It will be designed based on input from multiple stakeholder groups, both internal (e.g. pilots, participants, NFDI4Earth community) and external (e.g. NFDI Research Data Commons, international ESS community, compatibility with initiatives such as EOSC). The input, existing and future scientific workflows, services and other requirements will be analysed and abstracted. Openness, FAIRness and common standards will be basic design principles. In parallel, a comprehensive catalogue of all NFDI4Earth services will be set up. It will include detailed information about the services, their interactions, documentation, standards used, usage etc. The services will also be mapped on the architecture and their requirements to allow individual analyses. Both the architecture and the service catalogue will be hosted (and the information interlinked) in the Knowledge Hub developed in cooperation with 2Coordinate. Based on the architecture, gaps in the current service infrastructure (e.g. regarding interoperability or missing services) will be identified and roadmaps for further development of NFDI4Earth services will be proposed. Information on the architecture and the service catalogue will be published as part of a Living Handbook for the NFDI4Earth community in OneStop4All and as supporting knowledge for user support  and education.