1st NFDI4Earth Conference

Since spring 2018, researchers from universities and non-university research institutions as well as representatives of infrastructure institutions from earth system research have been involved in the discussion on the design of a National Research Data Infrastructure for Earth System Sciences (ESS), i.e. NFDI4Earth. 
The initiative organised a series of meetings, plenums and workshops in order to put together a consortium with the broadest possible range of disciplines and interests from ESS, to inform the corresponding community about the ongoing activities as well as to discuss and to develop a common proposal for the corresponding call of the German Science Foundation (DFG).


11th - 12th November 2020


Gartensaal at Karlsruhe Palace

In different steps, a joint expression of interest was drafted leading to a formal ‘letter of intent’ as well as the proposal for NFDI4Earth was elaborated and officially submitted to the DFG by mid of October 2019. 
In the context of the last plenum end of January 2020 in Potsdam the idea and arrangement of the 1st NFDI4Earth Conference took shape and is announced for late 2020 at Karlsruhe. 
The conference would like to address scientists from German research institutions, infrastructure service providers and users as well as actors from research data management and further interest groups – all in the field of ESS, and additionally colleagues from other NFDI initiatives. 
Further information – especially about the course and contents of the conference – will follow shortly!